Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NDA gets three-fourths majority in Bihar

The Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance on Wednesday attained a three-fourths majority in Bihar, bagging 183 of the 243-Assembly seats while still leading in 23 places.

The JD(U) on its own won 99 seats, while its electoral ally the BJP snapped up 84 of the 141 and 102 seats, they contested respectively.

Reducing the opposition to tatters, the NDA partners improved their performance considerably compared to the last elections in 2005, when they together won 143 seats.

The RJD-LJP alliance steered by Lalu Prasad and Ram Vilas Paswan, both of whom did not contest, ate humble pie and secured just 22 seats with the RJD (18) and LJP (4) while leading in two other places. They together had 64 seats — RJD (54) and LJP (10) — last time.

To add to the RJD’s humiliation, former Chief Minister and Mr. Prasad’s wife Rabri Devi lost both Sonepur and Raghopur Assembly constituencies. Ms. Rabri Devi lost the Raghopur seat to Satish Kumar of the JD(U) by 1,300 votes. She had held the seat three times in a row.

The Congress suffered a major electoral setback as it won only four seats compared to the nine it held in 2005.

The CPI won one seat and Independents emerged victorious at three places.

Reacting to the people’s verdict, Mr. Kumar said, “We have no magic wand, but people’s trust. I will need to work harder than I did in the last five years and I will not hesitate to do it.

“The outcome of the elections also proves beyond doubt that it was a victory for development and for the people of the State.”